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Tailwashers Full Service Pet Grooming Salon

Tailwashers Grooming Salon is a complete, full-service pet grooming salon featuring some of the most skilled and experienced groomers in Los Angeles using all natural and organic shampoos and grooming products.

All Baths and Grooms/Haircuts


  • Consultation
  • Two hydrotherapy baths
  • Hand blow drying
  • Gentle and lite brush out
  • Nail trim/file
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal glands expressed (if necessary)
  • Sanitary trim (if necessary)

A personalized and detailed Re"paw"t Card on your pet’s grooming, dental and overall health

**Grooms/Haircuts also include a full body cut and styling.

Please note: Bathing and grooming prices are based on breed standards and determined by our groomers at the time of your appointment with a full evaluation. Our bathing and grooming staff take pet size, coat length and condition style of cut and temperament into consideration


 Shampoos and Treatments

  • Oatmeal - $8.00 (Relieves dry itchy skin)
  • Plum Silky - $8.00 (Cleans and conditions, adds texture with a wonderful lasting fragrance)
  • Hypo "Aloe" Genic - $8.00 (For pets with allergies)
  • Aloe Re-Moisturizer - $10.00 (Absorbs and adds moisture to extra dry skin and coat)
  • De-Skunk Treatment - $25.00 (A special recipe that is safe and effective for eliminating odors)
  • Blueberry Facial - $3.00 (Brightens face and is 100% edible & safe)
  • Cirtu-Mela De-Flea - $8.00 (Safe, natural and soothing de-flea shampoo)
  • Neem Medicated - $8.00 (Naturally deodorizes while aiding in the relief of certain skin issues)
  • Tar & Sulfur - $8.00 (Aids in the relief of the itching and discomfort from extreme and severe skin issues)
  • Lav-N-Derm Shampoo - $8.00 (Calming and gentle lavender shampoo known for its antiseptic value)
  • Almond Crisp Shampoo - $8.00 (Adds texture and volume for limp coats – smells amazing)
  • EZ Shed Conditioner - $15.00 (Best for short coats that shed excessively)
  • Derma-Treat - $10.00 (Natural antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic shampoo)
  • Derma-Dyne - $10.00 (Excellent therapeutic medicated shampoo with Iodine. Assists in the relief of ringworm, hot spots and eczema)
  • Blueberry Facial                               $3.00
  • Cirtumela Flea Treatment                 $8.00
  • Neem Medicated                               $8.00
  • Tar & Sulfur                                      $8.00
  • Lav-N-Derm Shampoo                      $8.00
  • Coconut Shampoo/Conditioner        $8.00
  • Almond Crisp Shampoo                    $8.00
  • Spectrum 10 Treatment (highly effective, intense re-moisturizing treatment) $15.00
  • Color Enhancer                                 $10.00
  • EZ Shed                                            $15.00
  • Anti Itch Derma-treat                $10.00
  • No Itch Derma-Dyne w/ Blueberry Facial      $15.00

Tailwashers Pet Self-Wash

We also offer a large and fully equipped pet self-wash area for you "do-it-yourself-ers."

Each self-wash grooming station features quality grooming equipment, bathing supplies and a high grade, anti-bacterial stainless, raised tub with easy load ramps so your dog can walk up and into the tub. We unfortunately cannot accommodate cats in our self-wash area, for our safety and yours.

Self - Wash


  • Tub Time
  • 2 Speed Dryer
  • Aprons
  • Fluffy Towels
  • Brushes
  • Shampoos
  • Cologne
  • Yummy treats


  • SMALL - Up to 15 LBS.$16.00
  • MEDIUM - Up to 45 LBS. $18.00
  • LARGE - Up to 80 LBS. $20.00
  • X-LARGE - 80 LBS. & Up $22.00

Self-Wash Packages

  • Ears and Nails $20.00
  • Teeth and Ears $15.00
  • Anal Glands Expressed $15.00
  • Nails and Teeth $20.00
  • Nails and Glands $25.00
  • Teeth and Glands $20.00
  • Ears and Glands $20.00
  • Nails, Glands, Teeth and Ears $45.00

 Dirty Dog Discount

Self-wash you dirty dog with us seven times and the eighth one is FREE!!


  • Teeth Brushing $10.00 - $15.00
  • Dog Nails $15.00
  • Cat Nails $10.00
  • Puppy Nails $10.00
  • Ear Cleaning $ 8.00 - $10.00
  • Anal Glands Expressed $15.00
  • Brush Out $15.00 every 15 mins
  • De-Matting $15.00 every 15 mins

 Tailwashers Quick-Wash:

This service is only available Saturdays and Sundays after 11am.

An alternative to Self-Wash, we do the bathing and a quick/brief towel dry for you while you wait (20 mins) . Your dog will still be wet but at least you won’t be. You must stay in the Tailwaggers or Tailwashers while your dog is being bathed for this service, please. Condition of coat and dirtiness is taken into consideration for every dog. That’s why we do a consultation with you and your dog with one of our grooming associates to determine if your dog can be done with this service. (i.e. matts)


  • • SMALL - Up to 15 LBS. $31.00
  • • MEDIUM - Up to 45 LBS. $34.00
  • • LARGE - Up to 80 LBS. $40.00
  • X-LARGE - 80 LBS. & U**

**We unfortunately cannot accommodate this service for extra large breeds.

We look forward to helping you keep your furry companions clean and comfortable all year long.

Tailwashers hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 9pm
  • Sunday  : 9am to 7pm

1929 North Bronson Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90068
Email: info@tailwasherspets.com
Tel: 323-464-9600. ext. - 2
Fax: 323-645-6326


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1929 North Bronson Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90068
Email: info@tailwaggerspets.com
Tel: 323-464-9600 Fax: 323-464-9603


Tailwaggers offers one of Los Angeles' best selections of holistic, all natural eats and treats for your companion.

We also carry the latest in hip pet accessories and even offer delivery service for busy people like you.

 Tailwaggers hours:

  • Monday-Saturday: 8am to 9pm
  • Sunday  : 9am to 7pm


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