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Tailwashers Grooming Salon is a complete, full-service pet grooming salon featuring some of the most skilled and experienced groomers in Los Angeles using all natural and organic shampoos and grooming products.


Our Full Service Grooms include the following services:

2 Hydrotherapy baths with and Hypoallergenic Shampoo

2 Facials

Hand blow dry

Light brush out ( Additional cost if extra brush out necessary)

Nail trim and file

Ear cleaning (ear pluck if necessary/requested)

External anal glands expression (if necessary)

Hair cut of client’s choice (Only in CUT appointments)

Baths may include sanitary trim, face trim, paw trim (at an Additional cost)

A personalized and detailed “Repawt Card” on your pet’s grooming, dental and overall health


**Haircuts also include a full body cut and styling.

Please note: Bathing and grooming prices are based on breed standards and determined by our groomers at the time of your appointment with a full evaluation. Our bathing and grooming staff take pet size, coat length and condition style of cut and temperament into consideration


Bath prices start at $45 (small dogs, short hair coat)

Haircut price start at $65 (small dogs, example : small Yorkshire Terriers


Shampoos and Treatments:

Oatmeal - $8.00 (Relieves dry itchy skin)

Plum Silky - $8.00 (Cleans and conditions, adds texture with a wonderful lasting fragrance)

Aloe Remoisturizer - $10.00 (Absorbs and adds moisture to extra dry skin and coat)

De-Skunk Treatment - $25.00 (A special recipe that is safe and effective for eliminating odors)

Blueberry Facial - $3.00 (Brightens face and is 100% edible & safe)

Yucca Multi De-Flea - $8.00 (Safe, natural and soothing de-flea shampoo)

Neem Medicated - $8.00 (Naturally deodorizes while aiding in the relief of certain skin issues)

Lav-N-Derm Shampoo - $8.00 (Calming and gentle lavender shampoo known for its antiseptic value)

Almond Crisp Shampoo - $8.00 (Adds texture and volume for limp coats – smells amazing)


We also offer Veterinary Grade Shampoos for the relief of the following conditions:

Anti Itch Shampoo - $10.00

Anti Yeast & Fungus Shampoo $10.00

Anti Bacterial & Deodorizer Shampoo $10.00


Tailwashers Pet Self-Wash:

We also offer a large and fully equipped pet self-wash area for you "do-it-yourself-ers."

Each self-wash grooming station features quality grooming equipment, bathing supplies and a high grade, anti-bacterial stainless, raised tub with easy load ramps so your dog can walk up and into the tub. We unfortunately cannot accommodate cats in our self-wash area, for our safety and yours.


Self – Wash Includes:

Tub Time

2 Speed Dryer


Fluffy Towels




Yummy treats


Self -Wash Prices:

SMALL - Up to 15 LBS.$16.00

MEDIUM - Up to 45 LBS. $18.00

LARGE - Up to 80 LBS. $20.00

X-LARGE - 80 LBS. & Up $22.00


Self-Wash Packages

Ears and Nails $20.00

Teeth and Ears $15.00

Anal Glands Expressed $15.00

Nails and Teeth $20.00

Nails and Glands $25.00

Teeth and Glands $20.00

Ears and Glands $20.00

Nails, Glands, Teeth and Ears $45.00



Teeth Brushing ( Dogs Only) $10.00

Dog Nails $15.00

Cat Nails $10.00

Puppy Nails ( puppies 6 months old or younger)$10.00

Ear Cleaning ( Dogs Only) $ 8.00 - $10.00

External Anal Glands Expression (Dogs Only) $15.00

Dirty Dog Discount

Self-wash you dirty dog with us seven times and the eighth one is FREE!!


Tailwashers We Wash:

An alternative to Self-Wash, a We Wash includes a Quick bath and a Partial dry (20 minutes.) Your dog will still be wet but at least you won’t be. Since this is a walk in service we do require that you stay on the premises while your dog is being bathed.


Some restrictions may apply (i.e. matted dogs) So we will do a quick consultation with you prior to the bath to make sure we are able to provide you and your furry friend with this service.


We Wash Hours:

 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm

Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to 5pm


WE WASH Prices:

SMALL - Up to 15 LBS. $31.00

MEDIUM - Up to 45 LBS. $34.00

LARGE - Up to 80 LBS. $40.00


Tailwashers hours & Address:

Monday-Saturday: 8am to 7pm

Sunday  : 9am to 7pm


1929 North Bronson Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90068
Email: info@tailwaggerspets.com
Tel: 323-464-9600. ext. - 2
Fax: 323-645-6326




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