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TAILWASHERS 323.464.9600 ext. 2

Tailwashers Grooming Salon

Tailwashers Grooming Salon is a complete, full-service dog & cat grooming salon featuring some of the most skilled and experienced groomers in Los Angeles using all natural and organic shampoos and grooming products.

Monday-Saturday: 8am to 7pm
Sunday: 9am to 7pm
323.464.9600 ext. 2



We offer a well equipped self wash area with a friendly crew to assist you and walk you through the whole “Do it yourself “process!!

Here you will find everything you need to wash your dog!

We offer select shampoos, conditioner, brushes, towels and dryers.

Self wash is a walk in service, on a first come first serve basis, and it is open everyday until 6:45pm.

Self wash Prices
  • Small dog up to 15lb- $16
  • Medium dog  up to 45lb $18
  • Large dog  up to 80lb -$20
  • Extra Large dog 80lb & up-$22
Deluxe Self Wash- $25 – Includes all shampoos, facials & conditioners regardless of the size of your pup ( Excludes Unskunk Treatment)

*Medicated and Special Shampoos and Conditioners available for an extra charge.

Walk in services are welcome everyday from opening to 6:45pm and includes:

  • Dog nail trim/file $15
  • Cat nail trim $10
  • Ear Cleaning (dog only) $8-$12
  • Teeth Brushing (dog only) $10
  • External Anal Gland Expression (dog only) $15
  • Sanitary Trim*$10 and up
  • Face Trim* $10 and up
  • Paw Trim*$10 and up

* These services are based upon availability and evaluation of coat condition by the groomers.

Some of these services can only be performed on clean coats/clean hair. Depending on the condition of the coat a full bath is recommended in order for us to be able to perform the service.



Upon purchasing our basic hair cut package. Your pet will receive everything that our basic bath service offers, plus the hair cut of your choice.

All of our groomers are IPG Certified, and have years of grooming experience behind them! They take great pride in their work, ensuring that your pet’s hair style will be done to the highest standard.

We do require an appointment for our Grooming Services to be able to better serve you!

Q: Does my dog need to get a bath in order to receive a hair cut at your salon?
A: Yes. Dirty fur can alter the performance of our grooming equipment, and give your dog an uneven hair cut.



Call or stop in for a full service bath given by one of our IPG Certified bathers.

Our basic full service package includes:

  • 2 hypo allergenic shampooing
  • External anal gland expression
  • Complete hand/fluff dry
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming and file
  • 15 minute brush out

If your pet is in some real need for extra TLC, you can upgrade your package for an additional cost, and really pamper your pet! Packages upgrades include:

  • Teeth brushing
  • Special Shampoo of your choice
  • Re-moisturizer
  • Facials

We do recommend that you make an appointment, but we always do our best to fit in walk ins as much as possible.